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From a young age, Enrique was always intrigued with music, lights, and anything resembling musical entertainment. During his youth at family functions, he would grab anything he could find to make music and entertain his family.


In 2006 Enrique (DJ E) Arana made it official by purchasing two turntables, a mixer, and a pair of speakers. From that point forward, he had what he needed to be the musical entertainment at family functions. What started out as a hobby, turned into a passion that would only grow stronger throughout the years.


About a year later, DJ E landed his first residency at one of the bars he still performs today, Zazou. DJ E was given the opportunity to start a new weeknight event, Zazou Mondays. With his incredibly skilled brother, DJ Kombat, by his side they created a place to be on Monday nights. The success of the “Arana Brothers” drew the attention of other long-time DJ’s. DJ E began building a reputation for himself which became evident when DJ SAB from KISS 107 joined them for Zazou Mondays.

Since then DJ E has become successful in the bar scene, professional events and weddings. He has built a following of fans that enjoy his talents when visiting one of his many residencies. He has held residencies at some of the top venues in Cincinnati. In 2011, he took his passion and talented abilities full-time when he started his own company, Pro Sound A. 

Pro Sound A has flourished with DJ E’s professionalism, talented musical abilities and entertainment proficiencies. He is organized, confident and everything you could possibly want for your event.


“I want to be able to bring the best of both worlds to any private event including emceeing formalities and club mixing” –DJ E


He has enjoyed competing against some of the best in Cincinnati’s DJ battle competitions. In 2012, DJ E took third place. In 2013, he won first place in the battle. And in 2016, he took second place and once again in 2017 he took the crown to be the only Cincinnati DJ to win it twice so far! 


DJ E is one the most demanded DJs in Cincinnati with some exclusivity agreements with several major companies in including Cincy Magazine, Jeff Thomas Catering, Proctor and Gamble, Receptions Inc,  and FC Cincinnati’s official DJ.


If you want the very best DJ for your event, it’s clearly DJ E. Whether you’re entertaining 50 people or thousands, DJ E will keep your guests entertained all night long. 

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